Implant Denture Services In North York & Scarborough

Are You Looking For Implant Dentures?

For over 25 years, our clinics have been helping patients improve their smile and eat the foods they love by using the latest denture technology. In the early 1990’s we were there at the beginning trials when implant dentures first arrived through integrating titanium posts into the jaw bone and fabricating dentures that fit to them.

Since then, implant dentures technology has advanced significantly and the fees have also become much more affordable. 

We take the time and care with our years of expertise to help find the right implant denture solution for you! 


Benefits Of Dental Implants

There are many benefits to getting dental implants including:

  • Improved oral health, ability to eat, appearance and self-esteem
  • Increased denture comfort
  • Denture stability is increased
  • Help prevent bone loss
  • Resorption of tissue is reduced
  • Your mouth is restored to a natural state which allows superior long-term esthetics, enhancing the beauty of your natural smile and quality of your life

Allowing You To Eat, Sing & Laugh

Patients who have chosen implant secured dentures often share how happy they are with the outcome and how natural they feel. Losing their teeth has caused them discomfort but now for the first time their mouth feels like it did before they lost their natural teeth.

We Stock All Replacement Parts for Implant Dentures

Bite-Rite specializes in the replacement of all parts needed in existing implant overdentures.

Removable Dentures On Balls / Locators:

Choosing a removable prosthesis that connects with two or more implants is called an overdenture.

Using small like buttons called Zest Locators, Locator®/Novaloc® abutment system or ball attachments the denture snaps in place making it secure and stable. The dentures can still be removed for cleaning while no need for denture adhesives.

This overdenture is the most cost-effective implant denture option available. It gives you back the ability to chew the foods you enjoy and the confidence to live an active lifestyle.

Removable Dentures
On Bar Retained:

Bar Retained Implant Dentures are overdentures on a connecting bar. A milled titanium bar is screwed to the implants. With this treatment it is recommended to have a minimum of three or four implants. The bar is digitally designed and milled into a very precise size and shape.  By connecting the implants it provides a stronger support for your removable dentures. 

This type of overdenture will have special clips or locators and offers a very secure fit and function for an even more improved ability to chew. Bar-retained removable prosthesis is fantastic for those that care about oral hygiene. Simply unclip, brush your denture and brush your mouth, rinse and re-insert to secure placement.

Mini-Implants Overdenture:

Mini dental implants are an alternative treatment for those patients who are experiencing severe bone loss, do not have sufficient bone for conventional dental implants and a bone graph is not recommended.  Mini-implants procedures are less invasive to the oral tissue and have a shorter healing time. Where patients are good candidates, the dentures can be modified and inserted on the same day.

But like conventional dental implants, we recommend to allow the mouth to heal first for the best long term results.  In which case, it is recommended placing 5-6 mini implants and adding the same little mini-attachments to the old denture or a new denture. The results can be very good with this procedure providing stability and function. 

Mini-implant overdenture is easily removed for cleaning and maintaining oral hygiene.

Fixed (Permanent Non-Removable) Solution:

Fixed non-removable permanent denture prostheses are fabricated on 4-6 conventional dental implants. This is the most secure option where the denture framework is attached to the implants. This frame would include the full arch of upper or lower teeth. The benefits to this procedure are high stability and chewing comfort, and reduced prosthesis base (uppers are free from palate).

All-on-4 procedure is the placement of implants and an attached denture on the same day just immediately after the teeth are extracted, hence the term “teeth in a day”.  All the initial measurements and fabrication are done prior to the single day of treatment. 

Fixed Implant dentures is a treatment process done in stages.


Stage 1) Teeth are extracted (may need bone graph) and an immediate temporary denture is required. Most patients need 3-6 months for healing from this stage.

Stage 2) The placement 4-6 implants followed by a healing process of 3-5 months.

Stage 3) The fabrication of the prosthesis and securing it to the dental implants.

This type of denture prosthesis will not be able to be removed (fixed in) and will require regular hygiene at home and at the dental clinic. However, the benefits are that it will feel and function like having your own natural teeth back!

Don’t worry if these options sound confusing. At Bite-Rite, we take our time to understand your needs and situation and then we help guide you through the various options in our free consultation. Give us a call at 416-492-0007 for our North York Denture Clinic or 416-286-0779 for our Scarborough Denture Clinic to see if implant dentures are the right option for you.

Implant Denture Follow Up Services

Do you have an existing implant denture that no longer functions like it used too?  

If you’re experiencing denture rocking or movement around in your mouth then we can help.

Get started today with a free consultation and examination that will help us diagnose the problem that you’re having. We can help you determine if you need a repair, reline or the replacement of some of the parts that secure your implant denture. 

We have all the parts you need at both of our clinics including: locators, balls attachments, clips, novaloks, zest & O-rings . 

With one short appointment we can re-fit and stabilize your denture so that it once again feels natural and secure.

The Bite Rite Advantage

Our belief is that we don’t just make dentures, we change lives by giving patients their beautiful smile back and the confidence to live a full life.

  • 18,000+ Denture Patients
  • Highest Quality Dentures
  • On Site Lab Saving You Time And Visits
  • Specializing In Difficult Cases
  • Financing Options Available

We believe in the quality of our work so much, we guarantee it. If your dentures don’t feel just right or there is any discomfort that arises, we offer a full year warranty of unlimited visits and personal attention. 

Marcia G.

“Thanks Menashe for the great job you did on my new dentures. They are working fine. I have not had one bit of trouble with them. Thanks again!”

Gisela Z.

“A year before coming to Bite-Rite Denture Clinic I was at another denturist. I had an upper and lower denture made and after many adjustments I was very unhappy and dissatisfied. My friend recommended that I visit Mr. Levi at Bite-Rite so I called and set up an appointment for a free consultation.”

Margret S.

“Mr. Menashe Levi of bite-Rite Denture Clinic provided me with a new upper and lower including some lower hardware for dental implants. My dentures are anchored to two implants. I needed only one revisit for fine trimming and I am now a proud of my pain-free, well-fitting and goo-looking implanted dentures. I can eat again!”